Commissioned Pieces

We get requests from small business to have individualised pieces made.

Healing Heart Councelling requested a small canvas of blue/green paper flowers and blue/green lotus flowers. They run workshops and also asked for small journals to be made for the participants. You can find them at

Faraaz Tea requested some handmade bonbonniere or party favour boxes for their tea. They sell delightful natural tea leaves. You can find them at

Unique Paper Flower Blooms

Our paper blooms are highly customisable to match your colour theme. They can be:
* Ornate or simple depending on your budget and style
* They range in size from 10cm up to 50cm pricing is based on size
* They can be a simple three layer minimum or multilayered up to approximately 6 layers
* They can be made from a range of papers including cardstock, tissue and crepe

Please email for a discussion on your requirements and/or to get a detailed quote

Decorate your Event

Designed to create a feature at your event, the paper blooms are customised to match your colour scheme. Their uniqueness allows your guests to be drawn to a focal point upon which a photo point is established. They are free standing and are height adjustable.

Your backdrop can be used to:

  • Provide a focal point behind a bridal table, or any other table setting
  • Stand behind a cake table, imagine your photos with these beautiful blooms in the background
  • Decorate special occasions such as a baby shower, kitchen tea, bridal shower, significant birthday or even a corporate event.


The flower backdrop panels are a minimum size 1.2m wide x 1.8m high. All backdrops are made in panels for easy transportation, set up and take down. The panels are either rented or purchased, please make contact with us for pricing as each client’s requirements are different.


All flower blooms are handmade and finished to a high spec with individuality the main focus. No two backdrops are the same unless it has been requested.

About Us

My passion is creating unique flower backdrops that evoke feelings of beauty and connection with nature

I specialise in Paper Flower Backdrops for Events and Retail

I create unique paper blooms for engagement parties, wedding functions and other special occasions. You will see that with each individual paper flower I create, has all stemmed from my love of nature which is the grounding force in my life and work. Connecting back to natural surroundings, either visiting the countryside or the beach offers me all the inspiration I need to capture the beauty for my next project.

As an artist and a photographer I love to photograph real flowers, noticing all the intricate layers, each with its own delicate way of being. I am truly passionate about every new bloom that comes to life. Working and designing with colour I understand how it evokes certain senses and emotions with the different flowers used. My joy is seeing clients’ faces when I show them the end result.

I look forward to working with you.